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The 12 Main Reasons for Stopping Smoking
  1. You Feel Controlled by Cigarettes and You Want Control of Your Life Back (some people even go as far as saying the cigarettes are like a best friend that has been with them through thick and thin … not really a very good friend though)
  2. Money or Expense of Smoking - The average smoker smokes about one pack per day at about $8-10 this is well over $3,000.00 per year. To net this amount most people would need to earn about $5,000.00. What would you do with an extra $5,000 per year raise - every year for the rest of your life? (Inflation adjusted)
  3. Children or Grandchildren - What could possibly be a more important reason. You are a role model and lead by example (don’t kid yourself by saying you hide it from them …THEY DO KNOW you smoke … and they are counting on you to stop)  Who will they look up to if you are not around?
  4. Health Reasons - This has two main aspects - One is “Current Health Issues” related to smoking and the other is “Preventative” for your future health.
  5. Coughs and Colds - Unnecessary coughs and or colds that seem to last way too long or even lead to bronchitis or worse.
  6. Breathing - How does it feel when you run up a flight of steps that used to be no problem and now you can hardly catch your breath? Breathe Freely!
  7. Death and Dying - Stop playing Russian Roulette thus creating unnecessary fears of death and dying. At the very least you realize smoking is not healthy for you even those with the illusion that no harm will come from smoking. More than 1,200 people per day die from smoking or smoking related diseases … and this is preventable.
  8. Pressure from Others - Do this for your self and your future self … you have someone important to do this for!
  9. Inconvenience - Trying to find a place where smoking is still allowed (usually outdoors where smokers will stand in the freezing cold and rain) just to smoke. Not to mention having to re-arrange your schedule or run out in the middle of the night just to buy more.
  10. Smell of Smoking - Most people think of smoking as a dirty and disgusting nasty habit, where the smell and odor stay with you for hours. Think of how it will be to smell fresh and clean without having to use air freshener or a bottle of perfume/cologne.
  11. Anti-Social - Years ago it was the social &/or “cool” thing to do, however now times have changed and it is considered anti-social. In fact it is becoming harder and harder to find somewhere to smoke. Besides, you went to dinner to be with your friends and family. Have the freedom to socialize anywhere and with whomever you want.
  12. Premature Aging - Just compare the look of a smoker with that of a    non-smoker (same age and lifestyle) the smoker almost invariably looks older. Years ago when you first started smoking in your teens or so, you may have wanted to look older when you were smoking. However, now years later do you want to continue to look older? When you stop smoking, within 2-21 weeks, your circulation improves as well as lung function plus your body will re-hydrate helping you to look and feel younger

The average smoker takes about 14 years off of their life.
This is your opportunity to add some or all of those years back and enjoy even more of the freedom to once again Breathe Freely and Easily!
Become a Healthy Non-Smoker Today!
Hypnosis is a powerful way of getting people to do what they already want to do. You called, made appointment & paid $$...this is obviously something you want to do. This means it will be even easier for you

Do not expect to feel Hypnotized.
You’ll hear the sounds in the room, the sounds of my voice, and be aware of everything, remember everything. At some point you might even say to yourself… “Am I hypnotized or am I just relaxed.” Just keep an open mind, follow all the suggestions, find yourself agreeing with and going along with them and you will be successful. Afterwards we can discuss it consciously and logically.

What to expect after the session:
„« Most people feel like a Non-Smoker as if they never smoked.            (We highly suggest that you feel this way)          This means you have extracted all of the perceived benefits that you could have possibly gotten from smoking and instantly applied them to some new, at least neutral or more resourceful, habit or behavior to fill the void.

„« Another small percentage feels good - Some brief thoughts of smoking come and go quickly, but no real cravings. (usually gone within a day)

„« A few are vulnerable to getting tricked or manipulated to smoke again. They might still be playing that (Yes „² „³ No) Maybe mind game. This means you have extracted all of the perceived benefits, but have not fully applied all of them to new habits to fill that void… yet. (usually subsides in a day or two)

„« About 5% really didn’t want to quit and guess what…they don’t.

„« About 5% try smoking again down the road and obviously need to come back. They say silly things like “I’m strong now I could have just one”        (Realize pure will-power could last at least 2-3 hrs and by then cravings would be forgotten…wouldn’t they…)

There are 4 Ways People Respond to Suggestions:

  1. Accept suggestions fully and completely - these will work 100%
  2. Uncomfortable with suggestions - these get rejected.
  3. Unmotivated—don’t want to be here “What Ever”
  4. Hope it works &/or Let’s give it a try            (not really a positive attitude … more like a non-committal no)

Hypnotic Contract
 Hypnosis is like a contract between 2 people, and we both have part to play.
 Our part of the contract is that we will give you all the suggestions and therapies that we feel will allow you to go into a level of hypnosis where you can naturally and easily become a non-smoker for life. All we expect you to do is to instantly accept all suggestions, follow along with them, find yourself agreeing with them, and expect them to work. Do not fight them or analyze them, just want them to work.
 Now…We know that we are going to fulfill my part of the contract…    are you going to fulfill yours?

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